Common Questions

  1. What type of problems do chiropractors treat?
Chiropractic therapy treats various musculoskeletal and joint pain symptoms, including neck and back pain, headaches of neck origin, shoulder pain, arm numbness, tennis elbow, hunched back, scoliosis, sciatica, herniated disc, knee pain, heel and ankle injury, and others.

If you are not in pain, but want a general check-up on spinal wellness and posture-improving tips, it is also a great option to consult with a chiropractor.

  1. Why do chiropractors use manual therapy to treat pain?
While traditional medicine focuses on blocking the pain caused by injury of tissues and inflammation, many musculoskeletal pain syndromes stem from nerves being irritated by pressure and joint restriction or muscle overuse and spasm. These physical stresses are the cause of pain, therefore chiropractors aim to eliminate them through manual therapy. By decreasing physical stresses on the nerves, pain can be eliminated without the use of pills.

  1. Does chiropractic treatment hurt? Is it safe? I'm scared of pain...
A chiropractic adjustment is a quick but small movement to the joint. Most patients agree that adjustments are not only painless, but "feels good". If it is your first time receiving an adjustment, you may feel mild soreness afterward which resolves within a day. In general, you may feel better immediately after an adjustment. When done by a licensed professional, adjustments are very safe. Chiropractors go through strict and careful training before being licensed to practice. :)

  1. I have disc herniation. Can I be treated back to health through chiropractic care?
Of course, there is no absolute answer for all cases. Some severe cases require surgery for the best outcome. However, many patients are able to successfully recover through conservative chiropractic care that aims to relieve pressure to the herniated disc. Chiropractic care for disc herniation usually requires several visits within a close time frame for best results, but ultimately it is significantly less costly and less invasive than surgery.

  1. I have degeneration and bone spurs in my spine. Can those be reversed?
No, bone spurs will not go away once formed and can only be removed by surgery in severe cases of deformity. However, through chiropractic care, the pain and irritation caused by degeneration and bone spurs may be relieved. This is done by producing movement in restricted joints and traction therapy to improve joint space. Although bone spurs cannot be reversed, you can prevent them from getting worse by improving daily posture and identifying body imbalances.

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